People Power is your Pathway to Profit

How well are you maximising the potential of your people in your business ?

The best way to escalate your business results is to harness your People Power.  People are your greatest asset and also your weakest link. You know how much time and energy you put into growing your business, talking to customers and looking for new opportunities. So you cannot afford to lose out on poor execution, late deliveries or unhappy customers. Your business thrives on people from customers, suppliers, networks, stakeholders and of course, your own power.

Did you know … that the 2 most common reasons why businesses fail is cash flow and the lack of leadership!  By becoming a person of influence and inspiration,  both can be resolved through harnessing the power, knowledge, strengths and passion of the people around you.

Disengaged disempowered staff result in apathy,  poor teamwork and conflict in the workplace. It creates a blame culture, poor accountability where difficult personalities gain momentum, create tension and stress which eventually drains your energy and your profits.  Unhappy staff lead to poor customer experience.

Learning how to really leverage your People Power and establish a productive, engaging culture will absolutely turn your business around, reduce your stress and enhance the quality of the customer experience. Imagine, if everyone gave your business the very best of themselves,  you would have laughter, happy smiles but more importantly improved productivity, shared problem solving, collaborative decision making , innovation of ideas and ultimately, WoW’d customers.

Let me share 5 Priorities to have you harness your People Power

  1. Learn about your own Power first then its so much easier to harness the power of others
  2. Do not treat everyone the same ..because guess what,  no two people are the same
  3. Learn to ask questions to get things done instead of telling people what to do
  4. Create a solution-focused culture instead of a problem-focused culture
  5. View at your business through your customers eyes, ears and experiences …would you want to do business with you ?

How well are you maximising the potential of your people in your business ?

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